Clubs & Activities

Clubs & Activities

Clubs & Activities are an important extension to the curriculum which helps the students to develop new interests and follow existing passions. Meridian Uppal, one of the best schools in Uppal, has many clubs as listed.

Bridging the academic knowledge with real-life situations is crucial through the innumerable Clubs which allow our students to follow their passion in a structured manner. The clubs at Meridian, the best schools in Uppal, includes – Literary, Health & Wellness, Environment & Nature, Heritage FILMIT INTACH, Rotary Interact, Tangram (Math), Cultural, Art, Social Responsibility Club, ICT, Space Club and more.


Literary Club

The Literary Club aims to train and test students’ literary skills through various activities and competitions such as TED Talks, Three Corner Debates, Flash Fiction, Poetry Writing, Impromptu Theatre and many others including a Gratitude Diary that fosters Diary Writing.

The Club Activities at Meridian, one of the Top Schools in Uppal, are monitored by a team of talented teachers and students are encouraged to challenge themselves and showcase their talents through this avenue.

Education beyond the Classroom

To excel in academics alone is insufficient as marks alone do not make a Man. It is crucial that a child is exposed to and has a scope for development in co-scholastic areas that can become a core to his personality. For instance, a child’s ability in Sports enables him to master the skill of the sport, enhance physical endurance, develop team spirit and the right attitude to handle success with modesty and equanimity. Similarly, participation in visual and performing arts enhances his aesthetic sensibilities along with building confidence on stage.
Various clubs like Literary, Environment, Social Responsibility, Quiz, Astronomy, Theatre etc., at Meridian , the best schools in Uppal, enable the holistic development of the child. Success is not only measured by academic results but by the ability to do any work that can impact our society.


Sports is also an important part of the school curriculum for the overall development of the child. Meridian, the best schools in Uppal, focuses on Yoga and Meditation to connect the body, mind and soul. The School offers games like Basketball, Football, Cricket, Taekwondo, Table Tennis and skating

Our students have won the highest prizes in Chess-Baby Annika (Commonwealth Under 11 Indian representative)

Meridian Social Responsibility

Over a month of continuous unprecedented heavy rains in November and December 2015, left Chennai and the adjoining district of Kanchipuram battered and inundated. The untold misery of the villagers who had lost everything was heartbreaking.

The Hyderabad Sahodaya Schools Complex, under the leadership of Meridian School Banjara Hills, once again led the way to bring succour. The recent Kerala floods which again washed away villages and homes of hundreds of people galvanised Meridianites into relief action. Truckloads of survival kits were personally distributed among the distressed villagers.

Student Council

The Student Council is a democratically elected body. The Council is given responsibilities to develop leadership qualities and ensure students’ progress. It helps share student's concerns, interests and ideas with the Principal and other faculty members to bring about a change in the school system. The members of the Student Council help the faculty in conducting competitions, organizing programmes and raising funds for various social work. They strive to bring greater glory to the school.

School Magazines

The school magazine FOCUS is an annual publication that includes all school activities. It documents school and students’ achievements, calendar of events and students’ creative work across classes. It is produced and designed with the help of the editor, staff and student editors.

Activities FAQ

What are the co-curricular activities offered?

Sports and Performing arts. (School Specific activities to be shared)

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