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My career took flight with teaching Mathematics and Statistics for graduate and postgraduate students. Next stop in my career was a software programmer/lead at various well reputed companies like Wells Fargo and a few others in the United states for a long 11 years, only to return to fulfil my passion - Education. My interest in Education started when I was on my first job as a teacher, interest turned into passion and that took shape of Meridian school Uppal.
Mrs. Madhuri Pesaru

Mrs. Madhuri Pesaru

Founder Chairperson
Meridian School, Uppal
Dr. D. Usha Reddy

Ms. Ch. Rekha Rao

Director Academics & Principal
Meridian School, Uppal
Distinguished Parents and lovely children,
A Very Warm and Cordial Welcome to Meridian School Uppal, the school earmarked for the millennials.
Also , we thank all the parents who were futuristic in their vision and could foresee the need for good school in and around Uppal with international parameters, hence going with their decision to join their ward in the right school with rich experience in education, Meridian School, Uppal which is embarked with an educational paradigm shift, which is aligned to empower the young minds, inculcate life skills and instill the characteristics of global citizens into our students.
We firmly believe in knowledge sharing than teaching. Team Meridian, Uppal will always strive to facilitate knowledge sharing at every level. This means our curriculum is well balanced where the teacher and students will have equally important role in the teaching learning process. The richness of our curriculum will certainly guide the students to achieve the epitome of excellence and take the world into their stride.
Looking forward for a great school years for our students, you ward.
Neelakanta Butta

Mr. Neelakanta Butta

Founder and Managing Director
Butta Education
Butta Education is growing rapidly and spreading its wings. More and more parents are eager to admit their children to our institutions for quality education of international standards. For us, this is both heartening and challenging. While the growing and overwhelming response is a proof of our dedication, the challenge is to provide better facilities and infrastructure for every child.This has led to expansion plans and towards this we have directed all our efforts.
Education is a continuous process that shapes the world which is rapidly progressing.With progress comes improvisation and with development in technology comes more exhaustive and in-depth learning.At Meridian, our endeavour is to constantly upgrade our course structure and to keep our faculty attuned to the latest developments in the industry, so that they offer the students contemporary education that provides a platform to face any competition in life with ease and confidence.
MS. Renuka Neelakanta

Ms. Renuka Neelakanta

Butta Education
Dr. D. Usha Reddy

Dr. D. Usha Reddy

CEO, Meridian Schools
Butta Education
Dr. D. Usha Reddy, Principal and CEO of Meridian Group of Schools is a renowned educationist in Hyderabad, India. An alumnus of Rishi Valley School, Jiddu Krishnamurti Foundation, her perspective on education focuses on inner transformation. Endowed with exceptional leadership qualities, she was the Chairperson of Hyderabad Sahodaya Schools Complex, a conglomerate of 200 CBSE schools. As a CBSE Master Trainer, she has mentored over 800 educators, encouraging collaboration and exchange of best practices.
She promotes holistic development through academic excellence and students’ participation in sports, sciences, art and literary events where students have won accolades. Being passionate about school social responsibility, she believes that developing the intellect alone is inadequate and focuses on multiple socially relevant activities that stimulate the soul and mould the character of students. A champion of inclusive education, she has made a difference in the lives of children with special needs.
With diverse achievements to her credit, she has received multiple Best Principal Awards for service in education and Excellence Awards from three Governors of State and three Lifetime Achievement Awards. She is the recipient of the prestigious National Award for Teachers in 2010 from the then Hon’ble President of India.
Her recent feather in the cap is receiving the Honorary Professor title from Oxford Academic Union, Oxford. A multi-faceted high-end achiever, Dr. Reddy is an inspirational and exemplary educator who connects the Mind and Heart and touches lives in a simple yet profound way.

We provides universal access to the world’s best education, partnering with top universities and make with top students with great result.


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